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Diesel Traction Tasmania ZC Class no. 2144 ZC Class no. 2144 ZP Class no. 2100 Z Class no. 2110 ZA Class no. 2118 ZR Class no. 2101 MKA Clas no. 2134 DV Class no. DV1 Y Class no. Y5 ZB Class no. ZB2 ZC Class no. ZC19 830 Class no. 858

Tasmanian Railways Diesel Preservation


Diesel Traction Tasmania is a society dedicated to saving and preserving diesel locomotives and heritage valued items that have operated on the Tasmanian rail system. Our long term vision is to establish a museum facility based at the former Launceston railyards, where we can preserve locomotives and heritage items for future rail enthusiasts.


The Tasmanian rail system has undergone significant change since the Government owned TasRail took over the rail system.  TasRail has invested millions in transforming the ailing rail system into a modern railway.  191 new wagons have been purchased and 17 new TR class diesel locomotives.


With the introduction of the new TR class, TasRail has withdrawn all its aging fleet of English Electric locomotives. Diesel Traction Tasmania's aim is to preserve at least one English Electric locomotive of each class.


These include the: Z class, ZA class, ZB class and the Y class (Air Brake version). Diesel Traction Tasmania has already secured one ZC class locomotive. 2144 (ZC 19) is sole remaining original 1300 / ZC class locomotive in Australia. In early 2016 Diesel Traction Tasmania secured its second locomotive, 2122 (ZB3).


Members of Diesel Traction Tasmania and the TTMS also played a pivitol role in saving ZA6 from being scrapped by TasRail. This locomotive was the last "New" locomotive to enter service with the Tasmanian Government Railway in 1976.  ZA6 was also the last English Electric locomotive to be built in Australia.  It is hoped that TasRail will eventually display ZA6 at one of the rail societies in Tasmania.

We are always seeking new Members and Donations to help save the English Electrics. 

Latest News

21/08/2016 - Tasmanian Trains Calendar 2017

The 2017 Tasmanian Trains Calendar is selling fast, visit our Sales page to order your calendar.


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