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ZC Class

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Preserved ZC Class no. 2144 is seen at East Tamar Workshops, waiting for Diesel Traction Tasmania to move it to an alternative site. Dated June 9th 2012.

© Andrew Skinner

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Number Status Location
2144 Awaiting Collection East Tamar Junction TMD, Tasrail
Built byEnglish Electric, Rocklea Works, Brisbane, Queensland
Introduced1988 - 2004
Introduced byAustralian National - TasRail
Numbers Carried1300 - 1344, ZC1 - ZC45, 2140 - 2146
Total (In Tasmania)45
Total Preserved1
EngineEnglish Electric 12CSVT MKII
Main GeneratorEnglish Electric 822
Traction MotorsEnglish Electric 548 x 6
Wheel ArrangementCo - Co
Brakes FittedB7EL Air Brake / 26L Air Brake
Power1800hp 1470kW
Length47ft 12in14.6m
Load Limit (1 in 40 Grad)450t

All details listed relate to the time that locomotives spent in Tasmania. See 'Overview' for other historic information.

The forty-five 1300 class locomotives were built from 1967 for the Queensland Railways. Following mainline electrification they were surplus to requirements and in 1988 all locomotives were sold to AN and shipped to Tasmania in three batches. AN were really only interested in a smaller number of the better locos, but eventually purchased the whole class. Queensland Railways loco 1300 became Tasrail's ZC1, and the new numbers followed in order to 1344 which became ZC45. Some locomotives never entered service in Tasmania and were not renumbered, and some that did only had very short working careers. In service the locomotives generally operated in multiple with the ZB class, or singularly on services such as the cement train or shunting duties. Some locomotives ran in the Queensland blue colours for up to four years before being repainted green (or yellow in the case of ZC11).

Eight of the class were sold to Morrison Knudsen in South Australia for rebuilding as MKA class locomotives. These rebuilt locos have seen service in Malaysia, Queensland and most are now in Tasmania. Locomotives 2142, 2143 and ZC32 were sold in 2001 to Leisure Rail WA Ltd, which intended to run a tourist train service in Western Australia. The three locos were towed to the Don River Railway for storage, although two (2142, 2143) were later on sold following the collapse of the project and sent to Victoria in mid-December 2004 for overhaul and modification prior to being shipped to Senegal. ZC32 was been progressively stripped, and eventually scrapped.

Most out of service units have been scrapped, leaving only four locomotives in Tasrail ownership. As at the end of November 2004 all locomotives were out of service and stored at East Tamar, having given up bogies and other equipment for the MKA fleet. A number of these loco have since been scrapped, the most recent being green painted 2146 which provided parts for the rebuilding of MKA2131 in 2009. The remaining stored locos were sold for scrap in mid 2012, or preservation in the case of 2144. [Info courtesy]


In June 2012 TasRail donated 2144 to Diesel Traction Tasmania, the remaining three were sent for scrap only weeks later.  2144 is now the sole remaining 1300 / ZC class remaining in Australia.

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